Hi, I am Pernille Powell,  I come from Denmark, but have lived in Australia with my Australian husband since 1998.  We now have three kids together, two teenagers and a little fellow from 2013. I have had three very different birth experiences, all of which have been instrumental in my passion and journey as a birth worker.

I have worked with birth here on the Sunshine Coast since 2006. For 8 years, I worked as a Doula in all the different hospitals and at homebirths, but I am having a break from that, while my little one grows a bit bigger, even though I miss it terribly. I also used to run a Maternity Coalition, Pregnancy and new Mums group, called BaBs, in Yandina for 5 years up until 2013.

In 2010, I started my long awaited journey with Birthing From Within® and have not looked back. I love this work and this philosophy, and I am now a Birthing From Within mentor® and also a Birth Story Listener. It is in this capacity I now serve women and couples, partly in unique and interesting Childbirth classes and also through a beautiful, caring and compassionate process called Birth Story Healing, where I help women with negative leftovers from their birth, move on and regain their confidence and truth.

With Birthing From Within® I am constantly educating myself, evolving and learning, which I believe is so important as a Birth Worker.  I believe birth is inherently a natural event that we have managed for millennia. Our species depends on that very event. I also believe that even though medical assistance is sometimes needed, birth is still not a ‘medical event’, particularly not for the mother. For the mother and the father this is a once, twice and maybe three times in a life time event, and it is not only about the birth of a baby, but also about the transformation of a woman and the birth of a father.

As a Birthing From Within® mentor, I believe that pregnancy and birth is an amazing opportunity for growth. I see birth as a ‘Rite of Passage’, which has become a bit of a catch phrase, but in my thoughts, it is about accepting that even though we can influence birth through education and preparation, and therefore be able to make choices that supports the type of birth we would like, we can’t control birth. And therefore we need to prepare for the unknown, for surprises. Birth takes us to the edge, and then asks us to keep walking. And women can do that. We all do it in different ways though and there is not one way that is better than another, as long as Mums and Dads feel respected, informed and supported in their choices.

In my work through Birth Connection, I strive to create an environment that feels safe enough to dig deeper, to explore beliefs, wishes and even fears. It is as much about learning about ourselves, as it is about knowing how birth works and how to birth in and negotiate our modern birth culture.

It is about preparing to have a good and positive birth, regardless of where and how your baby is born.

For more information or to book a session or a spot in a course, call Pernille on 0406 412 354 or visit
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Education & Experience

2004: Doula certificate – Birth Central Sydney

2006: Advanced Doula and Childbirth Education Certificate – Birth Central Sydney

2007 – Ongoing: Co-facilitator of Birthing and Babies, a peer support group for pregnant women and new Mums. A program of The Maternity Coalition

2007: Presentation at the Queensland State Midwifery Conference at Surfers Paradise

2007: Bodywork workshop with Jenny Blyth

2008: Cranio Sacral 1 & 2 + one month face to face daily supervision

2008: Birth workshop with Jenny Blyth

2009: Birth workshop with Jenny Blyth

2009: Online birth art class with Birthing From Within

2009: Birthwork workshop. Creative Ways of Making Space for the Baby with Fiona Hallinan and Jenny Blyth

2010: Birthing From Within Mentoring Introduction Workshop with Pam England and Virginia Bobro

2011 – Ongoing: Birthing From Within Mentoring Program

2012: Birthing From Within – Birth Story Listening Program

2013: Birthing From Within Advanced retreat and bear program with Virginia Bobro

2014 - Ongoing: Birthing From Within – Mentoring Eagle express program

20116: The Shamanic Journey of pregnancy, with Jane Hardwick Collings

2014: Moon Song Women's mysteries with Jane Hardwick Collings

Birth Experience: Homebirths, hospital births, VBAC, VBA2C, active births, inductions, caesarean births, calm/hypno – births, water births, twin births, post date pregnancies, siblings at birth, VBA3C, posterior births

Birth Connection

Birth Connection is the online presence of Childbirth Educator, Advanced Doula, Birth Story Healer, & Birthing From Within mentor, Pernille Powell. Pernille is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


M: 0406 412 354
E: pernille@birthconnection.com.au

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