It is possible to make peace with a difficult or negative birth……

Birth Story sessions and circles

You are trying really hard aren’t you.
Trying really hard to be a good mother, trying really hard to move on, to leave all those difficult thoughts, feelings and uneasiness behind. The people around you might find it really hard to understand how you are feeling and why. Maybe your birth didn’t even LOOK that bad. But for you there might be a turmoil of feelings like grief, disappointment, numbness, guilt, fear, sadness, obsession with your baby -his food, his sleep, or his health – or an emptiness and a feeling of being unable to connect.

Or maybe something just doesn’t feel quite right and it is hard to put your finger on it.

Maybe your birth story is running over and over in your head, and still doesn’t make sense. Or maybe you are desperately trying not to think about it at all. Just pushing it as far away as you can.

This is not how it is supposed to feel, when you become a new mother, but it is understandable that it does.

Whether you have just had your baby, or you are years down the track. Whether you are pregnant again, and the thought of going through birth again is scary and difficult, or makes you feel like a fierce warrior, angry, ready to show them and fight for your rights……… it is possible to find peace and acceptance. It is possible to move on.

“The birth of a mother is a different story to the birth of a baby and might have left you hurt, overwhelmed and out of sorts, even if your baby is perfectly healthy”

The way to move forward is to get the support you need. The support you deserve. It is sometimes hard to reach out, hard to know where to go and if your birth really was that bad. But it is not about others perspective of what happened at your birth. It is all about how you felt, while you birthed, and how you are feeling right now.

Moving on from difficult feelings from your birth, is a journey and it won’t happen over-night. But ‘Birth Story Healing’ can be a great piece in that puzzle. Birth Story Healing is a private session and it is a beautifully kind, caring and compassionate process of validation, acknowledgement, making you feel heard and taken serious. It is a process to help you gain a deeper understanding, get new insights, new meaning and new beliefs about yourself and your birth – helping you to see and remember your birth in a different light. This can help you make peace with your experience, and if you are having more babies; to regain your confidence and strength to have an empowered and positive birth next time.

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Individual sessions

Sessions available on Fridays at ‘Coast Life Midwifery’ in Maroochydore, 22 Beach rd.
Call 0406 412 354

My name is Pernille and I have been on this journey too. A journey of tumultuous feelings and chaos inside. I did many things to move on, but what made to most profound change for me was ‘Birth Story Healing’ through ‘Birthing From Within®’. This made me wish to be able to help other women with difficult feelings from their birth. I am now a trained ‘Birth Story Listener’, as well as a Birthing From Within®  mentor, a Doula and childbirth educator. And I simply love this work. This work is about you, supporting, and helping you return to your truth, regain your confidence, lightness, compassion and joy.

Birth Story Healing is for you if:

  • you feel your birth story is in the way of happiness, well being, confidence, connection with your baby and relationships.
  • you are pregnant again and the memories from a previous birth are causing doubts, fears,  and difficult questions.

It is also for :

  • You, as a Birth worker, in any form and shape, feeling that a birth you attended, has left you down and confused, wondering if you could have done more or if what you did was good enough. These feeling can so easily affect our objectivity and ability to cope with future births, unless they are  addressed in a caring and respectful manner.

Johanna, 1st time Mum

“My birth healing session with Pernille was amazing. After a challenging birth I felt thrown into motherhood and that I hadn’t really had a change to reflect on and process my emotions from my birth experience. I was looking forward to doing this with Pernille however I had no idea to what extent the session would help me. Through a very specific process my most limiting belief about myself was revealed and released. I walked out of the session light as a feather and now feel more free to be my true self and therefor more connected to those around me especially my husband!”

Birth Story Circle coming soon

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Birth Story Healing


Birth Story Healing
Now at Coast Life Midwifery, 22 Beach Rd, Maroochydore.

So if you would like the opportunity to explore your birth and feelings in a gentle and compassionate way, to find new meanings and perspectives and move on with more lightness, give me a call 0406 412 354

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Renee, birthing again

“Pernille offered me an opportunity to grow from my past birth experience and move into the next one with an open heart and confidence. After a traumatic first birth experience I was unsure how to move into my next birth with strength and grace, but Pernille guided me safely to this place. I will have my 2nd baby sometime in the next few weeks and I am now ready.”

Justine, birthing again

“I so, so, SO appreciate your time with me this morning and can’t believe that looking at one little moment like that can precipitate so much healing. I feel like I’ve taken out something that really hurt, put it into a healthy perspective and can now file it away. Wow. And I’m definitely walking with squarer shoulders and a few extra inches :) Thank you! ”

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