1. Pernille

    Pregnancy diary #2

    Pregnancy Diary #2 Thoughts on scans and tests and if and how they might or might not benefit me Imagine not knowing anything about your baby before it comes out? Not having a scanned due date, a nuchal fold scan i.e Downs syndrome scan and from that maybe an amniocentesis , a gender scan, not to talk about a private 3D scans to see what baby looks like, then an 18 weeks scan checking the vital organs and a growth scan to be sure your baby doesn’t look too big or too small? It is nearly impossible to imagine not to know...
  2. Pernille

    Pregnancy Diary #1

    Pregnancy diary 1: Finding trust in birth after loss, when to tell people and choosing a midwife. I always wanted to be good at writing and journaling through my pregnancies and I am just not very good at getting around to it. So as my belly is now getting rounder and rounder again,  I thought I would start out using my blog i.e. ‘work time’, to write a bit about my pregnancy. Would love your comments underneath. I love being pregnant. I love the feeling of my baby inside me squirming around. I am 28 weeks now, but I would like...
  3. Pernille

    Equal Dignity

    This month I have been thinking a lot about ‘equal dignity’ that we talked a about in the parenting workshops. I think it has become my favourite phrase. ‘Equal dignity’ does not mean that your children and you are equal, it just means that you deserve equal respect, and to be taken serious. ‘Equal dignity’ is actually needed in so many other areas of life; health, birth, education. Pretty much anytime the good old institutional hierarchy is at play. Again it doesn’t mean we are all the same, but we still all need to be treated equally respectful and with...
  4. Pernille

    72 methods of upbringing

    by Family Lab Australia/New Zealand METHODS OF UPBRINGING In Scandinavia we discussed methods of child rearing with great confidence right up to the middle of the 1970s. We believed that children were asocial and potentially animal-like; therefore adults had to associate with them and use “methods” that would ensure children’s individual and social development. The methods varied along ideological lines, but the notion that it was necessary to use a “method” went unchallenged until very recently. Now that we know that children are real people from birth, it is absurd to speak of “methods.” Think for a moment about how...
  5. Pernille

    Parents do their best

    By Family Lab We are at an exciting crossroad. As parents we cannot, and do not want to do as our own parents did. We are no longer tied down by traditions, neither do we have to resort to the use of authoritarian force or democratic tricks to raise our children. Although, these have been very popular techniques used for decades, they ought to be something of the past. Times are changing and so is parenting. These changes bring plenty of challenges. As parents we try really hard to do our best, and as a result we do well. We...
  6. Pernille

    How to prepare for a positive birth?

    Imagine if you knew exactly what your birth would be like and therefore could prepare accordingly. In my work teaching childbirth preparation, I think about what we need to know about to have a good experience, feel informed, confident and ready, all the time? What do we need to know to have a positive birth, regardless of how our birth unfolds? ‘Birthing From Within’ always inspires me greatly and yet again, as I am continuously searching and working on this issue, I was inspired by Pam England’s  ‘knowings’: The Primordial Knowing or instinctual knowing, the modern knowing and knowing yourself....

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