1. Pernille

    Movie screening and continuity of care info night

    Midwife Australia is proud to invite you to the movie screening of the popular movie “FACE OF BIRTH“and “continuity of midwifery care information night” This event is all about raising awareness of choices in childbirth and the benefits of continuity of care. The event also celebrates 5 years for our local Sunshine Coast BaBs group, (a program of the Maternity Coalition), which is a peer support mothers group for both pregnant women, and new Mums of all kinds, and will be raising money to keep BaBs going for another 5. As such we are holding a MEGA Raffle with 50-60 great...
  2. Pernille

    Ourselves as Women

    I came home on Monday after a beautiful BaBs session, feeling so inspired to get better at looking after myself. Our topic this Month was: “Ourselves as women, how do we keep the woman part of ourselves alive, while being busy mothering”? It was a great session, which touched us all and I am sure you can relate as well. How do you look after yourself and what do you do, to keep that part of your being alive that doesn’t have to do with mothering? We once had a woman coming to BaBs who was pregnant with number 11....
  3. Pernille

    Birth Activism or Mother celebrations?

    It is needless to say that birth in our culture, is very different to what it used to be and  also to what it was meant to be. We save more mothers and babies than we used to in poorer times, but we are now at a place where the medicalisation of birth, is continuing without additional benefits for mothers and babies and often, in my opinion, at great expense to the birthing process in general and mothers emotional health. As a doula I see women paying for our cultural choices of safety. I meet women who was treated with...
  4. Pernille

    Writing your birth preferences

    ‘You can’t plan your birth’. It might seem like a funny statement to make at the start of a post about writing your birth preferences. Birth has it’s own mysterious ways and we can never predict how in might go. That said, I want to make some comments and let you know about the discussion and the great ideas that came out in our Monday BaBs session about ‘writing your birth preferences’. When you sit down to write what you would like and wont like during labour and birth, think about this exercise as a ‘motivator’ to learn about birth...

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