Birthing From Within VBAC class

If you have birthed before by caesarean you will know, that when it comes to birthing again, there can be a lot of emotions, worries and questions that other women might not have quite the same. You will also know that it is easy to feel very vulnerable and scared that you wont manage to have this birth, you are so, so longing for, or to feel nearly militant about standing up for your rights to choose and reject. It is not an easy thing to negotiate.

This Birthing From Within Gourmet VBAC class is for you, who are looking for support in preparing for a empowered and positive birth in a deeper and more meaningful way. There is no right or wrong way to give birth here. It is about finding your way, about compassion, forgiveness, determination and flexibility. In this class birth is honoured as an amazing Rite of Passage.


This class is for you, who wants something more, something deeper and more meaningful in way of preparing for birth. It will prepare you for the intensity of birth both emotionally and physically, it will help prepare you for birth regardless of how you birth. This class will, apart from sharing all the obstetric information, the policies and procedures, also take you on a journey to find YOUR way, access your inner strength, your resources, resilience and compassion.

It is a fun, interesting and interactive class for you and your birth partner, and you don’t need to have made up your mind already, about how you are birthing, to benefit from this class.

This class will be open to what parents would like to know more about, but also aims to cover things like:

Learn from previous experience
Get to know other parents
Create a pain coping mindset through mindfulness
Cultivate trust and intuition
Learn how birth works and how to best support the process
Increase self-awareness
Feel grounded and supported

Gain important VBAC knowledge
Explore dreams, fears and worries about birth and parenting
Cultivate forgiveness and compassion
Understand how to birth in our modern birth culture
Learn new and ancient ways to navigate birth
Celebrate birth as a rite of passage





Birthing From Within Gourmet VBAC Class

This class will run on four consecutive Saturdays, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of October 10am - 12.30pm at Coast Life Midwifery
22 Beach Rd, Maroochydore.

Cost is $279 pr. couple
Early birth price of $239 if paid by the 23rd of September.

Call Pernille on 0406 412 354 to book your spot or email me here

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