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This is a beautiful book about birth. It has a broad variety of different kinds of birth and all personal stories written by the mothers themselves interspersed with expert fact, figures and opinion about different issues all important to birth and parenting. This book was donated to our recent BaBs raffle and we also got 4 books to sell. All proceeds are going to BaBs. Give me a call or an email if you are interested.


“Stop listening to horror stories. Be reassured, excited and inspired.

Find out how beautiful and powerful birth can be. Discover the keys to planning your own positive birth – the best beginning to motherhood.

Birth Journeys is a collection of 29 encouraging and inspiring birth stories by real Australian women (and men). It includes a wide range of birth experiences and choices: hospital, birth centre, homebirth, unassisted birth, water birth, IVF, caesarean, VBAC and twins.

The stories are deeply personal, emotional and honest. They share the paths different individuals have taken to achieve a positive birth experience. Every story has been carefully selected and reviewed by a team of midwives, doulas and mothers to give you a book full of diverse positive, uplifting and empowering stories.

Birth Journeys also contains contributions from health care professionals, academics, birth educators and authors including Dr Sarah J Buckley (author of Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering), Dr Hannah Dahlen, Renee Adair (Australian Doula College), the Maternity Coalition, Stephanie Corkhill Hyles (25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power), Gabrielle Targett (author of A Labour of Love) and David Vernon (editor of Men at Birth).

However you choose to birth, your experience of birth does matter. A ‘perfect’ birth is not always possible, but every woman deserves a positive birth.”

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