I believe birth is inherently a natural event that we have managed for millenniums. Our species depends on that very event. I also believe that even though medical assistance is needed now and then, birth is still not a ‘medical event’ particularly for the mother. For the mother and the father this is a once, twice and maybe three times in a life time event and there is so much more to birth than our babies coming through the birth canal.
Birth is not a medical event, even when medical help is needed.
This means that is matters how birthing women are treated. It matters that they make the decisions. It matters how the birthing environment is presented and it matters if the woman feels respected, trusted and supported.

I believe women always have their reasons for what they choose, but it is important to be well informed and educated. I am always respectful and accepting of whatever a woman feels like she needs to birth her baby. To me it is not important where and how a woman chooses to birth, just that she feels respected, informed and supported in her choices.

I agree very much with the philosophies of Birthing From Within®, and believe that pregnancy and birth is an opportunity for growth. I see birth as a ‘Rite of Passage’, which has become a bit of a cliche, but in my thoughts, it is about accepting that we can influence birth through education and preparation, and thus being able to make choices that supports the type of birth we would like, but we can’t control birth. Being able to have a good and positive birth, even if your birth journey doesn’t unfold the way you hoped, means practicing coming from love, daring to be truthful and real about birth, and aiming to birth in awareness, rather than going for a specific type of birth.

This is the basis of how I work with couples as a doula, as an independent childbirth educator and Birth Story Listener.

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