Birthing From Within birth preparation; honouring birth as a Rite of Passage…..

You have probably already heard lots about birth. Maybe you have heard lots of scary stories from friends and family about pain and intervention, or maybe you have heard that it shouldn’t hurt at all, and that it only hurts if you don’t relax enough. It can be hard to know what to think, can’t it.

None of these stories or perspectives are very helpful. They might even increase performance pressure of ‘getting it right’ or elevate fear and anxiety of what this event will do to you. Or it might even put you on high alert, ready to fight the system, even if you are birthing in it.

My passion through Birth Connection, is to help and support women and their partners to have a positive and empowering birth regardless of how and where you have your baby.

But you want more don’t you? Something more real and meaningful than pain or no pain. Epidural or no epidural. You are having a baby. This is an important event, and it is about so much more than the physicality of your baby coming out of your body. It is a huge transformational, emotional and life changing event. An emotional transformation from woman to mother, or from mother of one, to a mother of more – having to share your love.

It is an amazing Rite of Passage.

Birthing From Within classes and workshops honours birth as a Rite of Passage.
To do that we need to look at birth from many angles. We need to be prepared for big feelings and emotions, for relationship changes, for how birth works in our body and how we best birth in our modern culture. We need to be prepared for surprises, for the unknown, we need to be familiar with our own deep beliefs about birth and motherhood, of fears and of wishes. You need to prepare so you and your partner feel confident in your strength and resources, that you can manage whatever you need to manage during the birth of your child. We need to prepare for a positive experience regardless of how and where you have your baby.

And then…… we need to celebrate !!!!

Parents come away feeling more confident about meeting their birth with commitment, determination and an open heart.

Feel positive and connected
Cultivate trust and intuition
Meet other expectant parents
Celebrate birth as a Rite of Passage
Feel confident in your ability to cope with labour birth and early parenting
Explore your dreams, fears, hopes and anxieties about birth and parenting.
Feel grounded and supported
fathers, learn tips to be better able to support your woman
Feel ready to meet your birth experience regardless of what it will look like

Pam England

“Through soul-searching and listening more deeply to the women I was working with, I finally understood that women have to prepare for birth in their heart and soul, not their head. And that giving birth is something a woman does in her body, not in her head.” 

Compassionate and creative birth preparation classes. A class for you, who for whatever reason birthed by caesarean last time, and would like real and meaningful preparation for your next birth.

You don’t have to have made up your mind about how you would like to give birth, to benefit from this preparation.

This fun, interactive and compassionate class will inspire in you and your partner the confidence, knowledge, flexibility and determination needed for a positive and empowered birth regardless of how and where your baby is born.
Read more about eh VBAC class here

Individual Sessions

Sessions for you who would like to prepare with a mentor one on one. These sessions can work specifically with fears and worries, with Birth Plans, with connecting and bonding with your partner to prepare together. Or maybe this is just the way you can fit birth preparation into your busy schedule.

Body and Soul - Yoga and birth preparation

Nurturing prenatal Yoga and birth preparation sessions coming soon. These sessions will take you through gentle and nurturing yoga with Emily Curtis, to prepare your body for birth and recovery. Then you will have the chance to learn about birth, yourself, your expectations, fears and wishes and have all your questions answered.

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Rebecca 1st time Mum

"Pernille was brilliant, we came away from the classes with confidence about the uncontrollable, as well as feeling that no matter what, my husband and I would be comfortable with whatever happened."

Rick, 1st time Dad

"A well designed class, which has made me feel much better informed and less of the feeling of what the hell is going on"

Kate, 1st tim Mum

"Pernille - we had our beautiful baby girl on Wednesday morning. 12 days "overdue" but no induction at our request. Labour was spontaneous and wonderful. We utilized the pain coping methods we practiced with you and had a totally drug free birth! There was pain but it was GOOD PAIN - which I kept chanting and helped amazingly! Our little Anouk is just beautiful - so alert and feeding well already - a true testament to a non-interventionist birth
:-)))))) Thanks so much for your wonderful class and made all the difference! Katy, Andrea and Anouk xxx"

Angela, 2nd time Mum

"This was a really strong, connective knowledge sharing experience. Highly recommended"

Warren, 1st time Dad

"I really liked Pernille's approachability, her manners, method of communication and her nature. Very happy and would recommend her to anyone!"

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