In my workshops and classes we work with many important and deep issues. The classes are meant to inspire you to keep working at home too. However, if you would like to work more with a specific issue, individual sessions are available too. It could also that you just refer to prepare all together in the comfort of your own home, or maybe this is the way you can fit birth preparation into your busy schedule.

These are the most common issues women and couples choose, but really these sessions can be about what ever you need them to be about.


Birth Plan session

Sometimes writing a birth plan can be very daunting. What should you write? What should you include and what does all those different interventions mean? Can I be sure not to have this intervention if I write I don’t want it? Writing a birth plan can have many pit falls but also have many benefits. We will go through the most common issues and talk about how to write a birth plan that can benefit your experience and your relationship with your caregivers.

$150 for 2 hour session

Getting ready for birth

This session is for helping women and couples get ready for birth. Maybe you just feel there is something missing, or you have specific issues or fears that are getting in the way of your confidence. Maybe you are getting ready to birth again after a previous difficult experience and need some guidance. It could also be that you didn’t make it to the available classes, would like to learn in the privacy of your own home or that you have birthed before and don’t feel like you need a long class, just a refresher.

$150 for 2 hour session

How to be a supportive and helpful birth partner

This sessions is for all you dads and other partners who would like to understand what is helpful support during labour and also what you might be able to do for your woman. But it is also for men and other partners who struggles with whether they want to be there and with what it might be like.

$150 for 2 hour session

Birth Story Healing

If you have experienced a previous difficult or traumatic birth, you know how it can affect your life and start to motherhood in so many ways. It can also completely undermine your confidence to birth again. Birth Story healing is a beautiful and gentle way to shift your perspective and understandings, moving from judgment to compassion for yourself and regaining your confidence as a mother, a birthing woman and a partner.

These session are also available for birth worker who have attended difficult or traumatic births, which can affect the way we attend future births. Through the Birth Story Healing process, you will gain more clarity and understanding and regain your confidence so you can move on with the incredibly important job of supporting women in our community. Read more here…..

Many women choose to go through a Birth Story Healing process and then move on to a ‘Getting ready for birth’ session to really feel confident and prepared for birthing again.


For more information please call Pernille on 0406 412 354 or send me an email


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions

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