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  1. monicawoodlm


    Hello Pernille, Nice post to share. A midwife can describe midwifery better than an MD or a doula can.

  2. Anna


    As a homebirth miifwde, I’d encourage that woman to seek a hospital birth. If a woman’s instincts are guiding to the hospital, I don’t want to attend her birth at home. She needs to be at the hospital to birth, to feel safe. I’d think that most likely, the homebirth would end up in a transport. so, please encourage her and support her to follow her intuition and find where she feels safe to birth her baby.

  3. Anny


    I’ll enjoy reading this sieres even though it’s just a little too late for me My third (and probably final) baby was just born on September 29th.Hannah recently posted..[] Twitter: Reply:October 9th, 2012 at 10:10 amCongratulations. []

  4. Erik


    to stay home? Let’s say she has the same problem- then she’d be beatnig herself up for following her wrong intuition, and what’s the point of intuition if it’s going to lead you astray? As far as birth goes, it’s pretty much chance. You may know some things ahead of time, like the baby’s position or approximate size, but nothing else is predictable. At that point, any decisions are based on a guess. Like the baby’s sex some women say they just KNEW (or intuited)the sex of the baby and some of them were wrong.

  5. Carmen


    Hi Shari! Amazing website! Wonderful ideas and inaomrftion. I wish I had access to your treasure trove of counsel when I had my daughter. It was a pleasure meeting you at lunch in DC (you and your husband are two gems!). Although I don’t plan to have more children (at least that’s what we think ) My friends who have tiny ones (or will be having them) will get an introduction to your site. I am so proud of the fabulous work you two are doing, it is vital. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.Happy Holidays!Rhonda

  6. Alexandre


    some women say they just KNEW (or intuited)the sex of the baby–and some of them were wrong. A freind who is in her early nineties, and the veteran of 6 births tried to guess what sex my baby would be by examining the shape of my belly. After she had gone through the old wives’ criteria, she wryly remarked I think it will be a girl, but I’ve been wrong before . I had to giggle.

  7. Riad


    As a pre natal yoga teacher and a doula i have read so many great books but the one that sntads up above all the reast is still Gurmukh’s Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful . Its about life, not just yoga or pregnancy and when I struggled to find any connection to my second daughter during pregnancy this book changed it dramatically.Dr Gowri Motha is also fantastic for pregnancy and the first year with baby..although i do like Ina Mays books they were a bit too left wing for me..(and i am a homebirth advocate, had one, wanted second one to be. Green grower, a yoga and all around lefty!)Thank you for the chance to win

  8. Amelia


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  9. Georgina


    I think it’s important to remember when talking statistics that many women will choose a private obstetrician if they require specialist care that often results in a caesarean. So yes, of course a private hospital will have higher c-section rates based on this.
    In my particular circumstance, if I chose to go public with my second baby I would be forced to have a vaginal birth despite the major and permanent damage that this would cause to my body following trauma suffered from my first “natural birth”. Wheras in the private sector I have the right to choose what happens to my body and choosing a caesarean is the safest option for me as well as for my baby.

  10. Jere


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  16. keryn vettoretto


    Dear Pernille, What a wonderful newsletter, congratulations on your pregnancy. As I slowly read through your newsletter I started to reconnect with my journey last year after several miscarriages and realised just how similar we all are as human beings. The mind can extend or reduce anything that we invest the time in and even when we consciously think of something else to distract from it, the force of past events quite often comes back to haunt us with even more questions on the health and wellbeing of the beautiful young bub growing beautifully inside of us.

    I personally left my scan until after the 25th week so that I could spend time getting use to the idea of being pregnant again and on the 26th week of my pregnancy I went to get the scan to check the placenta position and bub, and I found the journey to that date something to look forward to. The neuro emotional technique really helped me to gain some perspective to the constant questions that came up within my mind, as did vipassana meditation course. It was well worth the time to give me perspective on my mind, it taught me so much on how my mind was working and how I could control it and differentiate between fear and a real need for concern, with this information I was able to chose the ultrasound for my child at the end again to assist with the position, as bub was lying transverse, until the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy.
    Your personal sessions were also key in helping me to work with my mind. However your journey presents itself Pernille, enjoy every moment, as a lovely midwife once told me, you will always know what is right for you and your baby, you just need to slow down and listen carefully when needed and in every instance the decision you make will always be done to the very best of your knowledge at the time. Until next time love keryn Vettoretto xxx I had a beautiful baby boy on christmas eve. Thank you for being there for me.

  17. Karen Shlegeris


    Another beautiful newsletter Pernille. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and concerns with us. You’re a wise woman. May your baby be healthy and strong and your birth experience as wonderful as you deserve. With much love from Karenxxx

  18. Ashleigh Swerdfeger


    Thanks for this list! I am training to be a postpartum doula so this list is very useful.

  19. Dr Angela Jones


    I recommend this read to all mums and dads interested in finding new ways of relating to their children,

    but as well those who feel the need to find new ideas , great article.

    Angela ,

  20. Bree


    A great article Rachel….You are a woman after my own heart! We must meet up and network sometime 🙂

  21. Amber


    This is a great post and I can speak from experience in public with 3 kids bub 1 in a delivery suite obstetrician was needed and was there waiting, bub2 in the birth centre GC hospital best experience fantastic midwives, bub3 back in the birth centre once again beautiful experience lovely midwife

  22. Karen Shlegeris


    Hi Pernille,
    What a wonderful article. It’s very clear and comprehensive and the information is so essential. You’re a beautiful writer and a lovely birth educator – go girl! Will I see you on Saturday at the Face of Birth movie? love Karenx

  23. Bree


    Hi Pernille, great article.
    I am a HypnoBirthing practitioner in Brisbane and do personally feel an empowered birth is the most important goal for a women. I teach my couples that pain free is not guaranteed, but having the ability to trust that their body can do this, and they can do this is in my mind so much more important.
    When women have the confidence to birth instead of fear about the unknown, concerns about pain and long labours become irrelevant as that power and focus comes from within.
    Birth is such an adventure when each women remembers, or rediscovers her natural ability to birth.
    Keep up the great inspiring education!
    Cheers, Bree

  24. Maxine


    Great post, Pernille. I agree so much with what you have said and it is such a difficult thing I think, for birthworkers to help women prepare appropriately. But addressing fear is one of the major issues. Thanks for a good read.

  25. Greta


    Great article Pernille! I like how realistic you make it sound. I’m looking forward to your course this weekend even more now.


  26. Anne Endres


    Thank you for posting Pernille:).
    As parents we have the responsibility to nourish our children,but to do this we need to look after ourselves as well. Personally I often feel that there is to much emphasis on “guilt” as soon as we even think of becoming pregnant, are pregnant, give birth, nourish our babies and parent. Maybe we need to change the way we think, act with love , but definitly not act with the goal of self-destruction. I am pro attachment parenting, but I am also pro women and families to care for themselves to be able to care for each other.

  27. Karen


    great article Pernille! thanks for posting.

  28. Natasha


    Thank you for sharing such a private and empowering journey in such a raw yet beautiful manner, I hope that time is healing and as you so powerfully put, you heart is fuller. x

  29. sherry


    I’m so sorry for your loss. Your writing about your loss is beautiful. Thank you.

  30. Annie Pratt


    would just like to thankyou for such an inspirational way of dealing with the loss of a miscarriage, I to have lost a child, at 16 weeks and 5 days and the way you have worded your experience is just beautiful 🙂 i wish you all the best in your healing process, i lost my son in 2007 and there isnt a moment in my day were i dont stop to remember and acknowledge his little time he had with me… so from another mum to another, thankyou for writing this 🙂

  31. Pernille


    Thank you Rachel, yes I was also one of those women who had to have a difficult experience before I took myself really serious. I hope this post can reach some women at least who might be able to look at their choices before they birth.


  32. Rachel


    Thanks for this post Pernille. It amazes me how much research women do when planning their wedding day or buying a car compared to their birth. It is often not until the first birth was a not so great that women start their research (me included) and realise that what they got was the likely outcome for the choice they made. Think about what you want from birth and choose the appropriate option for you. Ask other women about their experiences. If you keep hearing stories about how great [insert person or place] was great at managing a major birth complication (thank goodness I was there)… start considering if [insert person or place] causes the complications in the first place.

  33. Geoff


    Nice website! My compliments to your designer. I hope you pay him well 😉

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