1. Pernille

    What we need to know

    What do we need to know to be able to give birth? If I say our bodies are designed to birth, then why do we need to prepare and do anything else? Birth happens in the old part of our brain. This is the instinctual and primordial part. We also have a new part of our brain though. If we didn’t have that new part, which makes us ‘thinking beings’ full of emotions, very analytical and conceptual  etc, we would  just birth. But we do! Birth has always been part of families and life in the tribe. As little girls...
  2. Pernille

    DVD for Dads

    I recently had the opportunity to borrow those movies called: “Being Dad”. I was very positively surprised by the first one, but it also raised a whole lot of questions in me. The movie shows three or four groups of men talking about their experiences and it is really relaxed and, I think, quite honest talk. It also shows the producer’s own journey as his wife is pregnant as they are filming and we actually see the birth of their daughter. The question it raised in me though is this: what is shown in this movie is very mainstream and...
  3. Pernille

    Hello world!

    All right, I am finally entering the 21st century with regards to technology 🙂 This is my Blog! (Thank you, my techie husband!) I will be writing about pregnancy and birth, not so much from a medical point of view but more from the emotional side of things. I will also be writing about Doula work and preparing for birth. And then in amongst it all you will probably get to know my family as well 🙂 I look forward to hear your comments and get your feedback. As we all know and what gets pointed out to me again...

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