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    Birth Journeys

    This is a beautiful book about birth. It has a broad variety of different kinds of birth and all personal stories written by the mothers themselves interspersed with expert fact, figures and opinion about different issues all important to birth and parenting. This book was donated to our recent BaBs raffle and we also got 4 books to sell. All proceeds are going to BaBs. Give me a call or an email if you are interested. ——————————————————————————————————————————————– “Stop listening to horror stories. Be reassured, excited and inspired. Find out how beautiful and powerful birth can be. Discover the keys to...
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    Continuity of Care

    When I was recently at the ‘Nambour Markets’ promoting our Face of Birth screening night on Friday, where we will also be raising awareness of continuity models of midwifery care, I was again reminded that so many women don’t know their options, before choosing a care provider, and even more seem to just choose what is culturally trendy and safe i.e. what their friends did – private hospital and obstetric care. This is despite all research and evidence pointing to midwifery led continuity of care, being the one where women report greatest satisfaction, has least intervention and the best outcomes....
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    Do not ‘bring up’ children

    This article was written by Jesper Juul and translated by Hayes van der Meer – FamilyLab Australia/New Zealand –www.familylab.com.au It was probably easier raising children centuries ago. Ideas and methods only changed slightly from one generation to the next. Parents simply raised their children the way they had been raised themselves. They knew what to do and how to do it. …Until recently! Since 1990s a new major trend has been introduced every four years or so. In a highly chaotic fashion the media, mothers’ groups, friends and experts have developed and introduced new techniques with rapid speed. These fads, which many of them become,...
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    Fear of Birth

    Women have birthed babies successfully for millenniums. We don’t know if they were scared. Some of them probably were. It would be pretty unnatural not to have worries and even fear of something so epic and unknown in many ways. The difference, I suppose is that women in the past, partly was part of birth from a very early age, as birth just happened in amongst life in general, but they also had women around them, who they knew, had relationships with and whom they had seen help other women to birth. This, I imagine, must have provided some sort...
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    Birth Activism or Mother celebrations?

    It is needless to say that birth in our culture, is very different to what it used to be and  also to what it was meant to be. We save more mothers and babies than we used to in poorer times, but we are now at a place where the medicalisation of birth, is continuing without additional benefits for mothers and babies and often, in my opinion, at great expense to the birthing process in general and mothers emotional health. As a doula I see women paying for our cultural choices of safety. I meet women who was treated with...
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    Is Birth Getting Harder?

    Based on a presentation by midwife and lecturer Rachel Reed. Check out her very informative website: MidwifeThinking Birth is rarely described as easy, and in today’s culture birth is surrounded by lots of fear and feelings of danger and risk. However, for most women the safest and healthiest way to birth is a normal, vaginal birth with no unnecessary interventions. In today’s Australia though, only a minority of women birth in this safest and healthiest way. According to Neonatal Perinatal Statistics, only 37% of women in Queensland, go into labour themselves and birth their baby without medical or surgical assistance....
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    Empowering birth

    A lot of you know that I recently went through a miscarriage at 13 weeks. I wanted to share with you some amazing things I have learned on my journey through the three months of being pregnant and going through the miscarriage. Being a Doula and then getting pregnant makes you realise that it is vastly different supporting birth from the outside, to being in birth. Despite having birthed twice before, it was a good thing to be reminded of, when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant after Christmas. I know a lot about birth, about hospitals and obstetrics, but I...
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    Public or Private

    In Australia today there are a few different options of birth place for women. You can birth in a private hospital, a public hospital, a birth centre, or at home. Not all options are available to women everywhere in Australia and home birth is not funded by the government in Australia at the moment. (But that is another blog post all together.) Yet most couples find that their main decision is whether to go public or private. This post is about the differences between choosing public or private hospitals. In our society today it seems that anything private is perceived...
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    DVD for Dads

    I recently had the opportunity to borrow those movies called: “Being Dad”. I was very positively surprised by the first one, but it also raised a whole lot of questions in me. The movie shows three or four groups of men talking about their experiences and it is really relaxed and, I think, quite honest talk. It also shows the producer’s own journey as his wife is pregnant as they are filming and we actually see the birth of their daughter. The question it raised in me though is this: what is shown in this movie is very mainstream and...
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    Hello world!

    All right, I am finally entering the 21st century with regards to technology 🙂 This is my Blog! (Thank you, my techie husband!) I will be writing about pregnancy and birth, not so much from a medical point of view but more from the emotional side of things. I will also be writing about Doula work and preparing for birth. And then in amongst it all you will probably get to know my family as well 🙂 I look forward to hear your comments and get your feedback. As we all know and what gets pointed out to me again...

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