1. Pernille

    To say pain or not to say pain

    Last month one of my beautiful doula client couples lent me a very interesting video. It was about an acupuncturist who was doing pre-natal groups on preparing for birth, and Chinese philosophy around that. It was really interesting. She was using moxa and a particular type of massage to release pelvic tension. She was also explaining things from the yin and yang perspective, which made a lot of sense. She did say one thing right at the beginning of this video though, which made me think about pain and how we as pregnant women are encouraged to approach labour pain....
  2. Pernille

    Do not ‘bring up’ children

    This article was written by Jesper Juul and translated by Hayes van der Meer – FamilyLab Australia/New Zealand –www.familylab.com.au It was probably easier raising children centuries ago. Ideas and methods only changed slightly from one generation to the next. Parents simply raised their children the way they had been raised themselves. They knew what to do and how to do it. …Until recently! Since 1990s a new major trend has been introduced every four years or so. In a highly chaotic fashion the media, mothers’ groups, friends and experts have developed and introduced new techniques with rapid speed. These fads, which many of them become,...
  3. Pernille

    Fear of Birth

    Women have birthed babies successfully for millenniums. We don’t know if they were scared. Some of them probably were. It would be pretty unnatural not to have worries and even fear of something so epic and unknown in many ways. The difference, I suppose is that women in the past, partly was part of birth from a very early age, as birth just happened in amongst life in general, but they also had women around them, who they knew, had relationships with and whom they had seen help other women to birth. This, I imagine, must have provided some sort...
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    Is Birth Getting Harder?

    Based on a presentation by midwife and lecturer Rachel Reed. Check out her very informative website: MidwifeThinking Birth is rarely described as easy, and in today’s culture birth is surrounded by lots of fear and feelings of danger and risk. However, for most women the safest and healthiest way to birth is a normal, vaginal birth with no unnecessary interventions. In today’s Australia though, only a minority of women birth in this safest and healthiest way. According to Neonatal Perinatal Statistics, only 37% of women in Queensland, go into labour themselves and birth their baby without medical or surgical assistance....
  5. Pernille

    Empowering birth

    A lot of you know that I recently went through a miscarriage at 13 weeks. I wanted to share with you some amazing things I have learned on my journey through the three months of being pregnant and going through the miscarriage. Being a Doula and then getting pregnant makes you realise that it is vastly different supporting birth from the outside, to being in birth. Despite having birthed twice before, it was a good thing to be reminded of, when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant after Christmas. I know a lot about birth, about hospitals and obstetrics, but I...
  6. Pernille

    What we need to know

    What do we need to know to be able to give birth? If I say our bodies are designed to birth, then why do we need to prepare and do anything else? Birth happens in the old part of our brain. This is the instinctual and primordial part. We also have a new part of our brain though. If we didn’t have that new part, which makes us ‘thinking beings’ full of emotions, very analytical and conceptual  etc, we would  just birth. But we do! Birth has always been part of families and life in the tribe. As little girls...

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