1. Pernille

    Pregnancy Diary #1

    Pregnancy diary 1: Finding trust in birth after loss, when to tell people and choosing a midwife. I always wanted to be good at writing and journaling through my pregnancies and I am just not very good at getting around to it. So as my belly is now getting rounder and rounder again,  I thought I would start out using my blog i.e. ‘work time’, to write a bit about my pregnancy. Would love your comments underneath. I love being pregnant. I love the feeling of my baby inside me squirming around. I am 28 weeks now, but I would like...
  2. Pernille

    Birth Journeys

    This is a beautiful book about birth. It has a broad variety of different kinds of birth and all personal stories written by the mothers themselves interspersed with expert fact, figures and opinion about different issues all important to birth and parenting. This book was donated to our recent BaBs raffle and we also got 4 books to sell. All proceeds are going to BaBs. Give me a call or an email if you are interested. ——————————————————————————————————————————————– “Stop listening to horror stories. Be reassured, excited and inspired. Find out how beautiful and powerful birth can be. Discover the keys to...
  3. Pernille

    The trials and tribulations of the Birth Plan

    How to write a meaningful birth plan. The birth plan has become an integral part of our modern birth culture. Most women, particular women wishing for a natural birth, will document what they want and what they don’t want for their labour and birth. But is it beneficial to do this exercise (or might we even call it ritual?) and do medical caregivers read them and take them seriously? Or are women just setting themselves up for failure by thinking they can control their birth in this manner? The practice of encouraging parents to write birth plans began with the...

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