1. Pernille

    Pregnancy diary #2

    Pregnancy Diary #2 Thoughts on scans and tests and if and how they might or might not benefit me Imagine not knowing anything about your baby before it comes out? Not having a scanned due date, a nuchal fold scan i.e Downs syndrome scan and from that maybe an amniocentesis , a gender scan, not to talk about a private 3D scans to see what baby looks like, then an 18 weeks scan checking the vital organs and a growth scan to be sure your baby doesn’t look too big or too small? It is nearly impossible to imagine not to know...
  2. Pernille

    What we need to know

    What do we need to know to be able to give birth? If I say our bodies are designed to birth, then why do we need to prepare and do anything else? Birth happens in the old part of our brain. This is the instinctual and primordial part. We also have a new part of our brain though. If we didn’t have that new part, which makes us ‘thinking beings’ full of emotions, very analytical and conceptual  etc, we would  just birth. But we do! Birth has always been part of families and life in the tribe. As little girls...

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