1. Pernille

    Equal Dignity

    This month I have been thinking a lot about ‘equal dignity’ that we talked a about in the parenting workshops. I think it has become my favourite phrase. ‘Equal dignity’ does not mean that your children and you are equal, it just means that you deserve equal respect, and to be taken serious. ‘Equal dignity’ is actually needed in so many other areas of life; health, birth, education. Pretty much anytime the good old institutional hierarchy is at play. Again it doesn’t mean we are all the same, but we still all need to be treated equally respectful and with...
  2. Pernille

    When Mum is the word

    This is an article from Family Lab ANZ “Frank, you have to take over and send Judy out for a walk!” says family therapist, Jesper Juul. THE LETTER: Dear FamilyLab, During the past couple of months we have been very busy. My husband, Frank has been working hard while I have looked after the girls. I feel run-down and it is taking its tool. The problem is that the girls only want to be with me. When Frank tries to get involved the girls give him the cold shoulder. It always ends in tears. The conflicts are endless and neither of us know what to do. It...

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