1. Pernille

    72 methods of upbringing

    by Family Lab Australia/New Zealand METHODS OF UPBRINGING In Scandinavia we discussed methods of child rearing with great confidence right up to the middle of the 1970s. We believed that children were asocial and potentially animal-like; therefore adults had to associate with them and use “methods” that would ensure children’s individual and social development. The methods varied along ideological lines, but the notion that it was necessary to use a “method” went unchallenged until very recently. Now that we know that children are real people from birth, it is absurd to speak of “methods.” Think for a moment about how...
  2. Pernille

    Parents do their best

    By Family Lab We are at an exciting crossroad. As parents we cannot, and do not want to do as our own parents did. We are no longer tied down by traditions, neither do we have to resort to the use of authoritarian force or democratic tricks to raise our children. Although, these have been very popular techniques used for decades, they ought to be something of the past. Times are changing and so is parenting. These changes bring plenty of challenges. As parents we try really hard to do our best, and as a result we do well. We...
  3. Pernille

    When Mum is the word

    This is an article from Family Lab ANZ “Frank, you have to take over and send Judy out for a walk!” says family therapist, Jesper Juul. THE LETTER: Dear FamilyLab, During the past couple of months we have been very busy. My husband, Frank has been working hard while I have looked after the girls. I feel run-down and it is taking its tool. The problem is that the girls only want to be with me. When Frank tries to get involved the girls give him the cold shoulder. It always ends in tears. The conflicts are endless and neither of us know what to do. It...
  4. Pernille

    Ourselves as Women

    I came home on Monday after a beautiful BaBs session, feeling so inspired to get better at looking after myself. Our topic this Month was: “Ourselves as women, how do we keep the woman part of ourselves alive, while being busy mothering”? It was a great session, which touched us all and I am sure you can relate as well. How do you look after yourself and what do you do, to keep that part of your being alive that doesn’t have to do with mothering? We once had a woman coming to BaBs who was pregnant with number 11....
  5. Pernille

    Partner first – then parent

    By Jesper Juul translated from Danish by Hayes van der Meer www.familylab.com.au   When two people fall in love and move in together they “give birth” to their first baby – their relationship. When their second child arrives there is a risk that their first ends up as a neglected child. The relationship will, just like any neglected child, become difficult and cause lots of trouble – in the hope of getting some proper attention. For most couples, the job of parenting requires their full-time attention, so it is understandable that the relationship suffers. In fact, the symptoms often begin...
  6. Pernille

    Book list from BaBs book review

    Hi everyone, here is the list of books, DVD’s and websites that were recommended by the men and women attending BaBs on the 22nd of November. They are about parenting, birth and pregnancy. They are not in any particular order and are not an expression of what we as facilitators from BaBs believe in. Use them if they speak to you 🙂 : “The continuum Concept” by Jean Liedloff “Three in a bed, the benefits of sharing your bed with your baby” by Deborah Jackson The Fathers book from Nambour Hospital Antenatal Clinic “Birthing From Within” by Pam England “Your...

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