1. Pernille

    How to prepare for a positive birth?

    Imagine if you knew exactly what your birth would be like and therefore could prepare accordingly. In my work teaching childbirth preparation, I think about what we need to know about to have a good experience, feel informed, confident and ready, all the time? What do we need to know to have a positive birth, regardless of how our birth unfolds? ‘Birthing From Within’ always inspires me greatly and yet again, as I am continuously searching and working on this issue, I was inspired by Pam England’s  ‘knowings’: The Primordial Knowing or instinctual knowing, the modern knowing and knowing yourself....
  2. Pernille

    To say pain or not to say pain

    Last month one of my beautiful doula client couples lent me a very interesting video. It was about an acupuncturist who was doing pre-natal groups on preparing for birth, and Chinese philosophy around that. It was really interesting. She was using moxa and a particular type of massage to release pelvic tension. She was also explaining things from the yin and yang perspective, which made a lot of sense. She did say one thing right at the beginning of this video though, which made me think about pain and how we as pregnant women are encouraged to approach labour pain....
  3. Pernille

    The key to meaningful birth preparation

    The key to meaningful birth preparation: Prepare for pain, intensity and the unexpected There seem to be a common belief in our culture today; that as long as a woman thinks positively about birth & is determined to birth without drugs, then that will give her a good birth. And if a woman worries about cesareans or pain, that will somehow manifest itself for her birth. I remember it well myself, giving birth to my first child about 10 years ago. I was determined to prove that birth was natural and that I would show them all where to put...
  4. Pernille

    Soulful birth preparation

    Most couples in Australia do pre-natal preparation classes before the birth of their child. Most of us feel it is important to get information about this big event, which is foreign to most of us in our culture today. For others it is about taking time to focus on baby, in their otherwise busy lives and maybe to connect with other families in the same situation. All these reasons are important and valid. But what might we learn in a typical pre-natal class? And what do we actually really need to learn to feel prepared, as we don’t know how...
  5. Pernille

    Empowering birth

    A lot of you know that I recently went through a miscarriage at 13 weeks. I wanted to share with you some amazing things I have learned on my journey through the three months of being pregnant and going through the miscarriage. Being a Doula and then getting pregnant makes you realise that it is vastly different supporting birth from the outside, to being in birth. Despite having birthed twice before, it was a good thing to be reminded of, when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant after Christmas. I know a lot about birth, about hospitals and obstetrics, but I...

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