Childbirth Preparation

“A well designed class, which has made me feel much better informed and less of the feeling of what the hell is going on”

Rick, 1st time Dad

Childbirth Preparation

“Pernille – we had our beautiful baby girl on Wednesday morning. 12 days “overdue” but no induction at our request. Labour was spontaneous and wonderful. We utilized the pain coping methods we practiced with you and had a totally drug free birth! There was pain but it was GOOD PAIN – which I kept chanting and helped amazingly! Our little Anouk is just beautiful – so alert and feeding well already – a true testament to a non-interventionist birth! Thanks so much for your wonderful class and techniques….it made all the difference! Katy, Andrea and Anouk xxx”

Kate, 1st time Mum

Childbirth Preparation

“Pernille’s approach enables every situation to have the potential to be a good birth!”

Kathryn, 2nd time Mum

Childbirth Preparation

“The class was really helpful and enjoyable. I loved how Pernille gave us all the chance to share and express how we were feeling without judgment or interrupting.”

Greta, 1st time Mum

Childbirth Preparation

“Pernille was brilliant, we came away from the classes with confidence about the uncontrollable, as well as feeling that no matter what, my husband and I would be comfortable with whatever happened.”

Rebecca, 1st time Mum

Childbirth Preparation

“For anyone considering attending – this was the best investment we made in our pregnancy and birth. The techniques Pernille taught us were empowering and enabled us to have the birth we really wanted – drug and intervention free with my partner delivering the baby ! We can’t recommend this class enough – thanks Pernille!”

Kate, 1st time Mum

Childbirth Preparation

“I really liked Pernille’s approachability, her manners, method of communication and her nature. Very happy and would recommend to anyone!”

Warren, 1st time Dad

Birth Story Healing

“My birth healing session with Pernille was amazing. After a challenging birth I felt thrown into motherhood and that I hadn’t really had a change to reflect on and process my emotions from my birth experience. I was looking forward to doing this with Pernille however I had no idea to what extent the session would help me. Through a very specific process my most limiting belief about myself was revealed and released. I walked out of the session light as a feather and now feel more free to be my true self and therefor more connected to those around me especially my husband!”

Johanna, 1st time Mum

Birth Story Healing

“Pernille offered me an opportunity to grow from my past birth experience and move into the next one with an open heart and confidence.

After a traumatic first birth experience I was unsure how to move into my next birth with strength and grace, but Pernille guided me safely to this place.  I will have my 2nd baby sometime in the next few weeks and I am now ready.”

Renee, 2nd time Mum

Birth Story Healing

“I so, so, SO appreciate your time with me this morning and can’t believe that looking at one little moment like that can precipitate so much healing. I feel like I’ve taken out something that really hurt, put it into a healthy perspective and can now file it away. Wow. And I’m definitely walking with squarer shoulders and a few extra inches. Thank you! I have another friend who is pregnant, too, and had her first around the same time as me – can’t wait to tell her all about you”.
…And my husband noticed straight away the change in my energy!

Justine, 2nd time Mum

Doula Services

“After engaging Pernille as our doula, I approached my pregnancy and birth feeling well informed and empowered. I felt better able to make decisions and to stay calm and focussed throughout. She was the first person we contacted for my second pregnancy and again her services were invaluable. I have more faith in myself as a mother and I am much more willing to trust my intuition and judgement. I highly recommend Pernille, I believe our journey would not have been so positive and enjoyable without  her knowledge, experience and compassion.”

Lisa, 2nd time Mum

Doula Services

“After feeling quite alone and confused throughout my first labour, which involved an epidural, my husband and I decided to engage a doula for the birth of our second child. We wanted an empowering hospital birth without drugs. Pernille’s support leading up to the birth made me feel at ease. I knew that she would be my advocate and would help me to ask the right questions before deciding if any intervention was needed. During the birth Pernille was amazing and baby was born just how we wanted – in water and without drugs. I wouldn’t have changed anything. Thanks Pernille”.

Vanessa, 2nd time Mum

Doula Services

“When making a decision to have a natural birth after an emergency caesarian operation I started to research various websites and found a section on Doulas. I had never heard of a Doula before but had seen an advertisement about 3 years before in the kids on the coast magazine it was actually Pernille. I found in the literature that you are more likely to have a natural birth if you hire a Doula by a statistic of up to 62% I thought this was awesome.
I contacted Pernille who came to see me.  She is an expert at what she does.

A Doula addresses the emotional aspects of your birthing experience and in addition shows you what birth can look like.  They see birthing as just a natural part of our lives as women.

Pernille was amazing, the support during my actual labour for both myself and my husband was unwavering.  My husband keeps raving about how incredible it was to have a Doula with us and when he lost it with tiredness around 4.00am she looked after him as well.  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to birth in the best possible way for them to hire Pernille.  She supports all birth choices and decisions a woman makes with no judgement.  I achieved my goal I had a normal birth after my caesarian.

I do not believe this would have been as successful as it was without Pernille”.

Lynda, 2nd time Mum

Doula Services

” I couldn’t have wishes for a better birth, natural, no drugs and a 10lb 10oz baby! I couldn’t have done it without the loving support of Pernille. The time we spent together before the birth was so valuable and allowed us to get to know each other + for Pernille to understand what I wanted + didn’t want for my birth. Thank you Pernille for the support you provided me and my husband”.

Kerri, 2nd baby

Doula Services

Dear Pernille,
With immense gratitude for your wonderful support and friendship throughout our pregnancy and at the birth of Akari Grace 24–12–08.

Your guidance, encouragement and unbias listening gave us the confidence to trust our own intuitive voices and your warm, gentle, nurturing presence was a blessing beyond words at the birth.

A thousand times thank you.

Suze and Kaz, 1st baby

Doula Services

“I could not have done it without you. Having someone there who knew my birthing plan and could back me up when I needed it the most.  You reminded me it was my body and  that I wanted my birth to be as natural as possible.  Your encouragement and care was just so wonderful.

My birth did not go the way I planned but it was great just the same.  It took a long time and you were there with your reassurance and  support the whole way through. You had great advice and little techniques which helped along the way as well. Thank you for your visits before and after the birth.  You are a wonderful person and I am glad to have shared my very special moment with you.”

Maria, 2nd baby

Doula Services

One of the best choices I made for the birth of my baby was to have Pernille along as my Doula. Not only for her knowledge but my labour experience was so much more manageable with the different positions and her calm and understanding nature.  She not only supported me but also my husband. I would highly recommend Pernille who is a professional and reliable support person. Thank you Pernille for your care and friendship.”

Christy, 1st baby

Doula Services

“Pernille assisted me as a doula at my homebirth on the 3rd of May 2006. I felt she had a calm and professional approach. She was very attentive, giving me lots of steadfast support. She was very flexible with help with our toddler as well as helping me in labour. She worked well within the team of support people consisting of my partner, my mother, our midwife and Pernille. She was forward thinking, anticipating my needs and giving the appropriate support when needed. I felt she was consistent and reliable and I was able to communicate my needs to her easily. She gave verbal and physical support as well as being a comforting presence that was available to me any time.”

Charlotte, 2nd baby

Doula Services

“The birth of my first child was an emergency caeserean. The experience left me an emotional and physical mess as I felt I had no control over the birth. During my second pregnancy, I decided the birth was to be my way.  But because the first was a traumatic experience, I didn’t know if I could do it.

Then I found Pernille. My visits with Pernille allowed me to talk about my experiences and my fears and find out what I truly wanted with this birth.  During the birth, she was there to voice my wishes when I couldn’t, mediate with hospital staff when I needed it, guide me through the labour with a calming influence. Having Pernille as my doula allowed me to have the physical and emotional birth experience I missed with my first.  Her guidance empowered me with my son’s birth, which in turn empowered me for life.”

Tammy, 2nd baby

Doula Services

“My first baby was born after a long hospital labour, resorting to pethidine to cope with the pain. I was determined to have a drug free labour this time and spend as much time as possible at home. I truly believe that without Pernille I may not have found the calm and strength that I needed to labour without pain relief. I shared the beautiful day of my son’s birth with Pernille, who understands birth and gave me the support I needed with much compassion.”

Katrina, 2nd baby



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